The Alleged Last Summer

A week after this Spring semester ended, I got my annual visit from my oldest friend Geno. We typically just spend the day to catch up on whats been going on in our life since we last saw each other, and give each other advice until next time. We’ve done this for about 4 years now after we lost our best friend to cancer and parted ways to seek new adventures. He still travels the country, and I still travel South Florida, heh. He then proceeded to give me a list of 101 things to level up my life along with a D20 set. So everyday I roll two D10 (00-90/0-9), and #101 is to repeat so you roll again. It’s pretty funny following some of the them such as smell the roses, give to charity, drink a cocktail, audit relationships regularly and so forth.

So with all that in mind, hit the jump to check out the rest of my antics.

Life here has gotten better. I’m no longer the homesick fellow that arrived to Orlando last August. Within the two semesters, I managed to make a large number of friends (in and out of campus), and a couple enemies (heh, typical G). Surprisingly, I’ve always had good networking skills, I guess never really had to try.

I’ve yet to have found a new job, but I do have an internship with the growing podcast network Nerdy Show. Every week they cover a variety of aspects that that part of the nerd culture: nerd music, comics, video games, and many other nerdy news. My boss is great, and the staff is pretty friendly in general. I’m learning to use Soundbooth and Premiere, I collect notes and gather up whats going on in the news pertaining to the topic that will be brought up for the coming episode. I’m pretty sure this is one door to where my future will lead me.

Next, I found an improv troupe on campus! Or well one that’s starting up on campus this fall. I jammed with them once during the spring and they were an amazing set of people to work with, it reminded me much of my times with my old troupe AIT (I still need to get a new shirt).

Third, I never thought I’d ever do this, but I’ve been going to a swing dance class. Yes, this coming from the guy who said, “I’m saving up my willingness to learn how to dance for marriage”. No there are no wedding bells. Though I need much practice of it, but I am enjoying myself and it keeps me busy and off the streets, yay!

Finally got my netflix back and started watching Star Trek, since I had only ever watched some of the movies (Wrath of Kahn, all the TNG ones, and the most recent one). It’s so long, now I understand why my parents wouldn’t ever let me watch it when I was little, but I’m going crazy over everything else I’ve watched/played over the year realizing they’ve been referencing Star Trek.

There’s a couple more surprises I have in store for my readers when the summer comes, definitely keeping you updated.

I’ll leave with this quote from a book I finished this morning,

“I think… the secret is to just settle for the shape of your life takes…Instead of you know, always waiting and wishing for what might make you happy.”

-Wally Lamb, She’s Come Undone


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