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The Alleged Last Summer

Posted in my life with tags , on May 25, 2012 by The Speechless Gab Dork

A week after this Spring semester ended, I got my annual visit from my oldest friend Geno. We typically just spend the day to catch up on whats been going on in our life since we last saw each other, and give each other advice until next time. We’ve done this for about 4 years now after we lost our best friend to cancer and parted ways to seek new adventures. He still travels the country, and I still travel South Florida, heh. He then proceeded to give me a list of 101 things to level up my life along with a D20 set. So everyday I roll two D10 (00-90/0-9), and #101 is to repeat so you roll again. It’s pretty funny following some of the them such as smell the roses, give to charity, drink a cocktail, audit relationships regularly and so forth.

So with all that in mind, hit the jump to check out the rest of my antics.

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