Oh wow, where did the time go?

So basically a couple days after my last post, I got into this major accident at work, which involved me not having my right hand for about a month. This had caused my head to go into a frenzy of emotions, to which I realized I needed to reevaluate where my life was going, compared to where I wanted it. With that, decided to go back and finish my A.A. in the Summer and transfer to a 4 year institution.

My only problem was where that 4 year school would be, with researching reputable schools of my degree choice, and crossing out South Florida in general, I chose UCF. I got accepted, and I’m actually updating from my apartment there. I started class little over a week ago.

Orlando’s……ok. As per usual, I’m not some social butterfly, so it’ll take awhile before I get a regular core of friends (none comparable to what I have back home, but beggars aren’t choosers). Getting a job wasn’t hard, all I had to do was transfer from my day job.

That’s it in a nutshell.


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