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Ricky Gervais makes of the Golden Globes

Posted in Aggravating, films, Lives of Others, News on January 18, 2011 by The Speechless Gab Dork

Do you watch the Golden Globes? I sat through that thing this past Sunday for the first time ever, and all I wanted to do was shoot myself. But had I done that, I wouldn’t have been able to hear Ricky Gervais make fun of the very show he’s hosting and the celebrites associated with it. Watch the video, its worth it.

Now according to Pop Eater, Gervais will not be asked back to the Golden Globes. He seems perfectly fine with it, but that’s not my beef.

You hire a comic to keep a boring thing interesting, he makes a bunch of jokes, and now you’re all “boo-hoo” about it? What did you expect? I used to have respect for the Golden Globes. I thought if a film didn’t win the Oscars, they could defend with “But at least we got a Golden Globe.” But nope, these guys gave Johnny Depp an award for talking…..erm singing in Sweeney Todd (They must have really wanted to meet him) and has yet to give Dexter “Best Television Drama” and also went an nominated RED for a Best Picture. talk about shaking my damn head.

In life, if you get mad fun of. deal with it, and shut up.

Thank you Ricky Gervais for thanking God for making you an athiest!

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It’s 1111 or MMXI!

Posted in my life with tags , , on January 1, 2011 by The Speechless Gab Dork

Happy New Year. Started this year with a bang. Leave me alone til next year.

Looking back, I realized how amazing 2010 was for me. I ended it celebrating it to two people I met that year that have grown close to me. I reconnected with my old friends, and finally got to hang out with them very often as I always wanted during high school. I made lots of new friends. Too much I think. And I also learned a lot more about myself and who I need to be in order to get the things I want. Which comes my next topic: Resolutions

Every year, people tend to typically make somewhat unrealistic resolutions that last for like maybe a month (Gym prices will be pretty jacked up for a while, be careful!), and by the end of the year we make that same resolutions. I succeeded at the one I made for last year (get back old friends), so now it’s time for some new ones.

1. Be more extroverted this year than last. So in order words say a word or two in a public setting.

2. Learn CS5. Prefferably have someone teach me the ropes of most of it, because video tutorials and books are a bit nerve wracking. PLEASE SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF CTHULU TEACH ME THIS!

3. Finish one of my comic ideas. As well as find an illustrator to draw it, we will save “Getting published” for next year maybe.

4. Get this blog up and running. When I say that I mean, write more posts, get more readers, find new things to talk about. Make this blog look sharp, for lack of a better word. I’m out of school, I feel this is like my only way of not being a slave to the machine of working.

5. Go to a state I’ve never been to/ Road trip. I’m trying to aim for making taking a train to Chicago one day and getting a hotel for the weekend to see Best Church of God as well as some other troupes. Yes, I am that determined to see their shows.

Do you guys have any specific ones?