Thanksgiving Weekly Comics: 11/24/2010

If theres one thing I’m thankful for it’s comic books, and this week we’ve got six books to read.

Writer: Robert Rodi Art: Mike Choi Cover:Esad Ribic





Astonishing Thor #1

I enjoyed Rodi’s Identity Disk, as well as Choi’s past art work. Hopefully this will be a good book and not become a victim of Thor’s over publishing (It’s apparent he’s almost racking up the same number books as Wolverine now.)






Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art: Alessandro Vitti Cover: Jim Cheung





Secret Warriors #22

It’s the end of this arc and we’ve already lost a 2nd secret warrior. Can’t wait to see the conclusion!







Writer: Matt Fraction Art & Cover: Salvador Larroca



Iron Man #32

Dear Ol’ Tony’s at it again fighting a child of a former rival. When will Iron Man learn to pick on kids his own size?









Writer: Rick Remender Art: Jerome Opeña Cover: Esad Ribic




Uncanny X-Force #2

The gang continues their mission to kill Apocalypse! Hopefully Remender doesn’t put any of the roster through a full transformation.








Writer: Jim Zubkavich Art: Edwin Huang & Misty Coats Cover: Chris Stevens





Skullkickers #3

Not much to say more, its a badass book. Keep at it!








It’s the holidays, no links for you today. Happy Thanksgiving!


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