Me and the Deathly Hallows: Part Uno (May have spoilers if you haven’t read the book in 5 years or since you went to Prom))

First and Foremost, I have to say wow. I throughly enjoyed this movie, despite the fact that I have only seen parts 1, 3, 5, and now 7 (haha) of the movie franchise (I have only read Books 1 and 2), but my girlfriend has managed to recap me and keep me up to date on the most important parts.

One of the aspects of the films I like is it’s display on the evolution of CGI, if you go back and watch the first two films the monsters only look convincingly scary because of how bad the graphics are. But Deathly Hallows had it on point, and hopefully Part 2 will top it next year.

Apparently, there’s so much in this book has so much in it, they split it up into two parts (But wasn’t Order of the Phoenix a big book too?), but from what I’ve been told they still removed a lot and certain characters are not . Eventually I find out the three teens (Even if they look like grown ass adults) have decided to cut school in order to further weaken Voldemort so they may defeat him (Lesson learned: sometimes school doesn’t do much for you and you gotta go out into the world to survive, teamwork helps too). It became a story full of depressing notes starting with the death of some loved characters and Voldemort’s take over of the Ministry and Hogwarts (aka pretty much the only two magic buildings anyone cares about) and ending with the loss of another loved creature i guess, he used to annoy me til this movie. ( Why couldn’t Jar Jar Binks get this same treatment?, probably because of his height). But don’t get me wrong, there were some bright parts apart from scenes in daylight, and Harry even did a brief dance number (Hey directors, next time just let him dance to some Dropkick Murphy’s). ¬†Overall it wasn’t your average magical “everything is hunky dory” and I think over the past few books that is what’s still captivated HP fans (assuming everyone knows I’m not referring to Hewlett Packard).

Ratings: This wasn’t really a review, it was just my thoughts on the movie. Whether you’ve read the books or not, they are still good movies, and you shouldn’t let the overhyping of the Potter franchise cloud your judgement.

Side Note: Do not say “Asbestos Petroleum” to your significant other even if you know that’s not the spell and were only kidding. I gotta get some for this face now.


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