Green Lantern trailer and Wednesday Comics: 11/17/10

This is a pretty pumped week for some new books I’m excited to read are coming, and also Warner Brothers has released their first trailer to the new Green Lantern movie. Click through for more on my books for the week as well as finding the trailer.

Writers: Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi Art :Reis Gleason, Syaf, Clark, Prado Cover: David Finch




Brightest Day #14

Love the cover and that’s all I got to say about this









Writer: Tony Bedard ,Art/ Cover: by Tyler Kirkham, Batt





Green Lantern Corps. #54

Last time we left off, we saw Kyle and Sinestro about to face off in hand to hand combat, for the life of Sinestro’s daughter. Last time we saw them fight included Hal at the end of the Sinestro Corps War. Hopefully Kyle’s grown up and can kick ass on his own now.





Writer: Geoff Johns, Art/Cover: Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy





Green Lantern #59

It seems that we will get to see what the Indigo Tribe has been doing with the herald of Nekron. In my opinion, Johns has never failed writing stories of Hal Jordan since Green Lantern: Rebirth






Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Art: Emma Rios, Cover: Ben Oliver




Osborn #1 (of 4)

So he screwed up taking control of everything, and now one of Marvel’s notoriously known sociopath is incarcerated and we will now see what the braided Norman has been up to.







Writer: Grant Morrison Art/Cover: Yanick Paquette



Batman Inc. #1

Globalized Batman? Sounds like dictatorship to the core. I love Paquette’s works and will have to test this one on the rocks, maybe it will expire as quickly as New Krypton did.








The Green Lantern trailer has finally arrived here, and just like a typical summer blockbuster, it looks like ass. Why is the suit in CGI? Could they not afford to get a really good costume designer. Right now, the current Green Lantern lore is one of DC’s biggest sellers, you’d think there would some effort placed on the movie, not only for the ones shelling out $10, but also for the fans as well. Ryan Reynolds was a bad choice, his typecasting does not fit into the frame of who Hal Jordan is. Mark Strong is great for Sinestro, and I will give Blake Lively the benefit of the doubt, but I did wish that she didn’t look like a stunt double for Salt. This is only one trailer, I cannot place full judgement until I’ve seen the whole thing, but right now, that’s how I feel.


Screenshots for the Green Lantern trailer incase you wanna see things up close [io9]

The Return of Doomsday [Robot 6]

We all know that Deadpool as way too many books, here’s the chance to get one of those canceled. [Marvel News]

Sarah Palin is……Scott pilgrim [Comics Alliance]


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