Wednesday comics: 11/10/2010

Sorry for the lateness, things have been hectic for me the past week since I last posted.

For Starters, HAPPY VETERANS DAY! If it were not for our fighters of the past and present, we all probably wouldn’t be here today or living in the situation in which we are in.

Alot of Interesting comic and nerd related news have been popping through lately. This week I’m expecting three books. The end of one series, and the start of another.

Ultimate Comics: Thor #2 (of 4)

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 (Good Writtance!)

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #4

Halcyon #1 (Welcome! enjoy your stay?)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Art & Cover: Carlos Pacheco





Ultimate Thor #2

A bit off to a slow start, I can’t wait to see what Hickman and Pacheco have in store for us this month in origin of Ultimate Thor. Kudos to the nazi frost ghosts from issue #1







Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Fernando Pasarin & Cam Smith Cover: Rodolfo Migliari





Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #4

Here we visit another one of Tomasi’s works of another aspect of the Green Lantern Corps. He’s placed Guy Gardener in rogue cop setting. So we will see how it eventually turns out. I like where this is going so far because it’s another reflection of what has been going on with members of the other corps.







Writer: Grant Morrison Art: Lee Garbett & Walden Wong Cover: Andy Kubert





Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne #6

The final issue of this series. Fortunately, I’m glad to see this go as a series. I had no idea I would have needed to buy other books to understand how or why he’s come back. The only thing of merit I can give this series is its depictions of the various Bruce Wayne’s get up throughout history, as well as its cover art. Farewell!







Writer(s): Marc Guggenheim & Tara Butters Art & Cover: Ryan Bodenheim & Mark Englert





Halcyon #1

I’m testing the waters with this. I wanted to try giving some Image (as well as other companies) a try with their series. I tried it once with Cowboy Ninja Viking, and Kill Shakespeare, both of which failed miserably at getting my attention after reading. I’ve never seen or read any works of this team, so I hope it becomes a it segways me to checking out future products






Writer: Aaron Williams Cover & Art: Fiona Staples




North 40 tpb

This is out on trade form this week. I thought it was an amazing book, it was the first Wildstorm book I had ever, it’ll be sad to see that company go.









Why Fables has been such as amazing series [Comics Alliance]

Toxic Avenger remake, really? [Nerd Bastards]

Speaking of Cowboy Ninja Viking, it’s making its way to Hollywood [Coming Soon]



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