Me so hungry: McRib

After driving home from work last night, i managed to get hunger, and the first place I see at that point is a McDonalds. I got to the drive-thru and decided to look through the menu  and I find the Mcrib!

Mcdonald's McRib

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Years back, I saw an episode of the Simpsons where Homer became obsessed with a similar sandwich called the Ribwich, and i had a craving for it every since. So I order the McRib with a sweet ice tea.  and what do I get?

wait what?

Yea that is exactly what I received. We’re all aware of how much the ads we see are nothing like the food we get in reality. This wasn’t bad for fast food, but in the end I’d prefer going to a more upscale restaurant and getting a rack of ribs so that i may continuously lick my fingers. The meat had no flavor whatsoever, and it’s only redeeming qualities were the sauce and the tangy pickle. We’re it not for those, the only good thing that was tasty would be the Sweet Tea. But hey, try it out if you’d like. Cant wait to see what McDonald’s comes up with next!


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2 Responses to “Me so hungry: McRib”

  1. Yeah but really what do you expect from a fast food restaurant? 😛

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