In the beginning…..

This is not my first blog. Ive used the typical LJ and Xanga, and though they had served their purpose at the time of their peak, I believe its time for me to move on and speak about my future and current endeavors.

I’m in my early twenties. Originally born and raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Spent the first 11 years of my life there making frequent trips per year visiting my mother in Florida until it was finally decided that I would continue my life in the USA. So far I still like it, I do want to get out of Florida and make a new life for myself.

I’m graduating out of college this semester with my Associates with hopes to continue my education further and elsewhere for that matter.

Things to expect from my blog: First time experiences (good and bad), Comic book and movie related news. I may mention video games every now and then (Its not really one of my niche), as well as whatever else comes to mind.


With that said, Welcome!


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